About me

I am a low-temperature geochemist, and an Assistant Professor at University of Chile in Santiago. Previously, I was a student fellow of the Make Our Planet Great Again Program.

Research interests

I am interested in the (bio)geochemical reactions occurring at the Earth’s surface and how these reactions shape the evolution of the Critical Zone—the thin layer from the top of the canopy down to the water table that sustains life. Within the CZ, weathering, trace element cycling and (some) hydrology devote most of my interest.
To answer these questions I use geochemical data and models that help me understand the relationship between biota, water—i.e. rainfall, stream discharge, groundwater—and secondary minerals and salts that precipitate in the open landscape.
My interest in geochemistry of the Critical Zone comes from the realization that as humans, we do not have much time left to act on climate change, but that understanding of present natural systems is paramount to do something about it!

Chamiza at Calbuco Volcano, Chile.